I am a thinker, writer, designer and storyteller. My goal is to be a cerebral seducer. They’re the ones who transfix you through well thought out concepts, copy that motivates, design that connects + further instills people with the desire to act. I currently use my voice to inspire, inform, help and connect others. My voice use ranges from quick, dry, witty + sarcastic to humbled, emotional + empathetic.

Since we are in a constant state of redefining ourselves, I have become addicted to learning, connecting and interacting with groups of motivated and talented individuals; my aim is to successfully depict a story via writing, design and imagery.

I am based in Kansas City building connections and contacts, after finishing my double major Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), in Graphic Design + Creative Writing. I was born, raised + learned to make something of myself in a northwest suburb of Chicago.

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