Guts and Glory

we are the sum of our experiences, interactions, accomplishments and miscalculated conclusions sometimes entitled as failures. we are forever breaking, building + combining all that we learn and reformat all of that into designs that people can experience, interact with or observe. we are the ever-changing group that has overcome multiple difficulties over the years in both the personal + school arena. our inspiration comes from a personal dedication to place ourselves where we want to be. we have all chosen our interests, taken hold of design + achieved a steady stride from a blundered beginning.

we are the undercover olympic athletes labeled as KCAI Graphic Design 2014 Graduates.our long days + late nights, caffeinated drinks, food runs and music blasting work routines, mixed with a plethora of problems + solutions, faculty feedback, pep talks + sarcastic humor have brought us to where were we are today.

we are the designers that people warned you about; the ones aiming to achieve, succeed + establish ourselves and our thoughts among the fields of our role models + greatest inspirations. we are aiming high + pushing hard, looking back to acknowledge our past, leading you forward and building the future. we are tomorrow’s designers, today. we are the time borrowers + forward thinkers, aiming to pull the rug from under your feet, allowing you to live in the moment, embrace the loss of control, to allow you to see: a glimpse, a snippet—

a moment in the eyes of the cerebral seducers chanting the mantra, GUTS AND GLORY.