Stream of Consciousness

free form poetry
published in CLC's "Prarie Voice" 2011-2012


            is like a dream
            is like the light at the end of the tunnel
            is the life that we breathe
                        manipulated into words
                        to sprawl on a page before us.
It follows the even flow of how we speak
            how we write,
            and heck, how we eat.
It follows the way that my heart beats faster
            as I see a pretty face
            or have a lover’s embrace
            or my feet move faster than a leopard.
It follows the way my heart breaks
            as you walk away,
            or my friend passes away.
It allows you to get to know me,
            the way I eat, drink and breathe,
                        and find out
                                    my thoughts and beliefs
                                    as my mind wanders
                                    and you hear my pleas.   
It’s more of a willy-nilly way to express
            decide where you want to expound on,
                        where you may normally hold back.

It’s a simple way to express
           without feeling confined to the edges of the paper or a particular length of sentence…


            the edges end where you want
            let rhymes be
            let the rhythm of the page come
                        let it fffff-lip fffffffff-lop
                                    or driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
                                    a          c           r           o         s          s                             the page with ease
While at the same time…
letting the reader see as you see,
feel the words as you feel,
and believe as you believe.

It’s like giving the text a voice
            building it from the base up
            or the center out.  

My views, my views, my views.

I believe we should all see as we wish to see,
communicate as we would, as we should, as we could.
If we put our brains to the test
            gave our minds a rest
            and tried our best
                        to describe all of our thoughts
                                    PLUS how they came to be.
I believe the world:
            has much in store.
            holds more for us that we realize.
            allows us to live and breathe with ease.
            lets us take the second to believe
                        that what we have is great
                                    and pushes us to do better.
Free form lets my mind wander,
            my fingers walk,
            my form express
            and my lips get a bit of rest
                        unless I am forced to utter the words SPRAWLED before this page
                                    or across another.
                                                Either way…this is free form, as you start to think as I think,
                                                feel as I feel, breathe as I breathe.
But my view now is that…
            stream-of-consciousness has been…
            stream-of-consciousness has been…
Stream-of-consciousness has been one of the
greatest poetic, artistic ways
that I have found to express me,
to express my thoughts
            through words that may have been otherwise,
            hard to conquer,
            while trying to not speak so much.
Research papers
            are nice and dandy
                        when you have time to kill
                        and when form is your friend.
Memoirs are good
            but they require you to make some form of circle
                        or follow cycle.
But stream of consciousness
            allows me to express,
                        and tell you all that goes on from point A to point C
                                    in the process talking about B, maybe F or even D
                                    before I even get to C.