Guts + Glory
a design show description

"We are the time borrowers + forward thinkers, aiming to pull the rug from under your feet, allowing you to live in the moment, embrace the loss of control, to allow you to see..."

 Pollen From a Daffodil
nonfiction hybrid narrative

"My heart pounds and I want time to speed like a dog wants water in the summer sun. I know the impact is near, but my eyes go into tunnel vision; I stare forward and wait."

 Your Life As a Poet
creative nonfiction narrative

"As soon as your toes touch the trunk, your arms effortlessly escort you up the tree. Zigzagging your body up the tree, to the tiptop as you look up to see that beautiful prize; that golden brown dinner, that is laid out before you. Just as you reach for the food your mind snaps you back into the bed that you currently lie on, snaps you back into the world that you are walking in, snaps you into the life that you live; the life of words and visual rhythm."

 Stream of Consciousness
free form poetry


is like a dream
            is like the light at the end of the tunnel
            is the life that we breathe
                        manipulated into words
                        to sprawl on a page before us."

 Exploration of a Cadaver
nonfiction essay

"In these couple sentences, Roach is able to not only transfer the reader into her different memories of research but to a world full of emotion. This is an excellent example of self-discovery and flexibility of form."